Bayview Farm Restaurant


The family homestead is once again the setting for a unique restaurant experience.

We provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere where the only thing we take seriously is our food and service.

Bayview Farm Restaurant entrance

The Team

Clark Day

Clark has been involved in the restaurant scene in Kingston for so many years it would be embarrassing to discuss.  He is back working out of the family homestead where he is happiest welcoming guests into his home and sharing  that small piece of heaven in Collins Bay.

He has been serving innovative local food and Canadian wines since long before it became the thing to do and nothing makes him happier than that the trend appears to have stuck.  He is excited and energized by the passion of this latest team and is looking forward to collaborating with them to bring you a memorable and fun dining experience.


Francois Drolet

François’ passion of food and culture has grown and been cultivated throughout his life experiences. Between living in Paris, Cole Harbour, Ottawa and now Kingston, his loving family have supported and encouraged the exploration of a diverse and expansive culinary world.

As an adult François realized that this passion was more than just a general love for food, it was a desire to share this appreciation with those around him. He chose to pursue a culinary career and attained his diploma in Culinary Management from Algonquin College, where he was honoured with the Canada Cutlery Award for academic excellence.

Continuously searching for new challenges, he has joined Clark and Will at Bayview Farm. It is an appropriate fit to be working alongside others who share such a passion in creating a wholesome culinary atmosphere, whilst promoting the farmers and the animals that have allowed such an experience to be possible.

Will Arnaud

Will’s passion for cooking started at the tender age of fourteen when he realized what joy a great meal  can bring to friends and family. He started simply but quickly progressed to working in some unique and very fine dining establishments, such as Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry, England. Early on he realized baking and everything it entails held a special place in his heart.

His arrival at Bayview Farm has brought fresh ideas and an eye for detail that befits the standard set for our guests. His passion for cooking is only surpassed by his passion for hockey, which he and Francois spend most prep times in deep discussion. Even though their teams are huge rivals their friendship stays strong.